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    3167 Fowler Ave, Ste 202, Clovis, CA, 93611

    5129 Ming Ave, Bakersfield, CA, 93309

    Mon-Fri: 10 AM–6 PM Sat: 4 PM

    Are you located in Fresno or Clovis and have an older phone you want to sell? Or Maybe you
    got a new phone and you don’t like and want to sell it in Fresno? Or Maybe you sell many
    phones every week in Fresno and are looking for a trusted buyer and buyback program?
    If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, Cellnow in the Clovis and Fresno area
    has you covered!
    Come and get the most cash for your iPhone, Samsung, Laptops, Macbooks, Ipads, Apple
    Watches and more!
    We pay the most in Fresno and Clovis and have done so for many years!
    If you live in Fresno and are wondering what phones we buy, here are some of the models we
    currently purchase:
    Iphone 7 and 7 Plus
    Iphone 8 and 8 Plus
    Iphone X, XR, XS ,Xs Max
    Iphone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max
    Iphone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max
    Iphone SE 2 Gen
    Samsung Galaxy S7, S8, S9 , S10 , S20, S21
    Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, S8 Plus, S9 Plus, S10 Plus, S20 Plus, S21 Plus
    Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, S21 Ultra
    Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Note 9, Note 20 , Note 20 Ultra
    LG Phones, Motorola Phones and more
    Ipad Pro 12.9 Inch, Ipad Pro 11 Inch
    Ipad 8 Generation, 7 Gen, 6 Gen, 5 Gen
    Ipad Air 2, Ipad Air 3, Ipad Air 4
    Apple Watch Series 6, Series SE, Series S5, S4, S3
    Apple Pencil 1, 2
    Airpods 1 Gen, 2 Gen, Pros
    Macbook Air and Macbook Pro, 13 Inch, 15 Inch, 16 Inch
    Apple TV
    Nest Thermostats, TV-s, Other electronics
    HP, DELL, ASUS ,Gaming Laptops, Chromebooks, Tablets, Microsoft Surface

    WE BUY ALL ELECTRONICS in Fresno, Clovis and Bakersfield.
    Hurry up and get the most cash for your phones and electronics at Cellnow Store.