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    Mon-Fri: 10 AM–6 PM Sat: 4 PM

    We have finally entered Spring Season and that means a lot of discounts and great deals at Cellnow Store. Find some of our Specials below and hurry up and invite a friend and when you leave a review for us, you will receive a free Starbucks Gift Card!

    Great Deals on Pre-Owned Devices

    We have some great specials on Pre Owned Devices this Season. All of our used iPhones and Samsungs have been tested and come with a 60 days warranty to give you peace of mind if you have any issues with the devices.

    Iphone 12 Pro Max at Sale is now starting at $790 and now we have some brand new cases and Tempered Glasses such as the 9D tempered glass for extra protection, privacy tempered glass, branded tempered glasses that sell over $50 in other stores, but you can get them at Cellnow for only $10-15. And our customer favorite “the protector film” which is explosive proof and doesn’t get cracked and lasts much longer with a matte look will make your phone so “cool”. And we have the protective film for every phone. Yes, that’s right with our cutting machine, we can put the protector film on any smartphone!  Come and check out how strong it is by hitting the phone with the protector film with a hammer ;).

    If you don’t like the big size, then you can get the Iphone 12 for only $550. There is a limited amount available so hurry up :).

    We also have great deals on the 11 models, with the 11 Pro Max starting at $590, 11 Pro starting at $540 and 11 starting at $400.

    And if you are looking for something even more affordable, or maybe for a gift for your loved ones, then we got Iphone Xr starting at $290, X and Xs  starting at $350 and Xs Max starting at $390.

    WE also have a limited amount of 7 and 8 models in stock.

    We have a hot collection of Samsung and Adroid models in stock as well with some great deals. Z Flip at $450, Z Flip 3 at $590, S21 starting as low as $350, S21 Ultra for only $680 Google Pixel 6 at $570 and Pixel 5a for $385.

    Most of our phones come unlocked so you can use them at any carrier including AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Cricket, Metro PCS, Xfinity, Boost, Spectrum and all pre paid plans as well such as Simple Mobile, Total Wireless, Net10, H2O, Page Plus and more.  Also all our phones come with lifetime blacklist warranty so you won’t have to deal with those offer up and facebook marketplace experiences where you got a phone and it was unusable few days after.

    But we have more than just phones in our Inventory. Nowe we offer a wide range of Apple Watches starting from the Apple Watch Series 3 to Apple Watch Series 7 and they are all at a great price starting at $130 for series 3, $180 for Series 5, $230 for Series 6 and $300 for Series 7. WE also have some Galaxy Watch 4 Active in stock new and used ranging from $200-$250.

    Furthermore, we have AIrpods Pro for only $150 and Airpods 2 gen for only $110.

    If you looking for an Imac, then Cellnow Store is the right place for you. We have the M1 brand new 2021 Imac for 40% less than retail price. We also have used 2019 Imac and 2013 Imac with keyboard and pencil for only $300 and $600 which will be the perfect fit your your new office.

    If you are more the kind of person on the go and going from meeting to meeting, then we have you covered with our Macbooks M1. These pre owned macbooks come with warranty. We have both the Air and the Pro Version which are over 30% off retail price. What a deal that is!

    And if you have a phone that you need to unlock, we can take care of that too. Most of our Carrier Unlocks start at $50.