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    How to find the IMEI number?


    If you are looking to sell your phone, or if you want to get your phone unlocked, we will most likely ask you to provide the IMEI number. This is a unique number that is specific to each phone and helps us see important information like icloud status, blacklist status, carrier status, phone specifications etc. Some might have experience and can easily find the IMEI number, but others might have never heard about this unique number. Below you can see some of the ways to find the IMEI number:


    Go to Settings , then General, then About. Scroll down until you see the IMEI number (15 digits).

    If your screen is broken, you can take the SIM card tray out. The IMEI number is written on the metallic tray for most models

    *For iPhone 6 and older, you can find the IMEI number on the back of the phone.


    Most of the Samsung phones have the IMEI number written on the back of the phone.

    You can also find it by going to settings and search about phone. You will see the IMEI number there.

    Another option that works in most Samsungs is to dial *#06# and it will display the IMEI number.

    What if the IMEI on the back of the phone is different from the one in settings?

    Most likely your phone is refurbished and the IMEI number in the settings is the real IMEI number of the phone. *You will also need to make sure to see if your phone takes 2 different sim cards and has 2 IMEI numbers.

    Now you should be able to find the IMEI number. Congrats!